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The explosion of flavours of Bages

Cardona is within reach of a wide variety of food and wine experiences that are bound to seduce all palates. The richness of the surrounding land has bestowed us, throughout history, with vast olive plantations, as well as vineyards and other crops that provide us with products that are valued both on a national and an international level.

The Bages region has a long history of olive cultivation, with more than two hundred hectares currently dedicated to this fruit. Most of the annual production of more than 250 tonnes of olives is processed into oil. The predominant varieties are Arbequina, Corbella and Verdal de Manresa, the latter two being characteristic of Bages. The recovery of these local varieties has been a point of interest for different producers in recent years. The oil of the Corbella variety, mainly produced in the Cardener valley, is known for its sweeter taste and yellowish colour. La Verdal de Manresa, on the other hand, offers an oil with a unique character thanks to the particularities of the climate and soil of Bages.


Oils from Bages

Discover the true treasure of our land: the premium oils from Bages, renowned for their excellence. A study carried out by the Institute of Food Research and Technology (IRTA) has classified six of the twelve oils analysed from the Bages region as premium oils, placing them in the top range of this product. This recognition underscores that only 10% of oils achieve this level of quality. The other six oils, although not classified as premium, also belong to the category of extra virgin olive oil, thus guaranteeing high quality.

Through the olive oil tourism experiences offered by Oli Migjorn, visitors have the unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the world of olive oil and discover everything that surrounds this millenary product. The activities are designed to educate about the different types of olive oil, including refined, virgin and extra virgin olive oils, all of which are organic.

In addition, projects such as Oli Migjorn work for the recovery of the olive landscape, especially those of the Corbella variety, through the revitalisation of old olive trees and the creation of new plantations. These initiatives not only recover a traditional landscape of the region, but also promote sustainable and quality production.

For more information about Bages olive oils, their varieties and related tourist experiences, visit the following links:

We encourage our guests to delve into the olive oil culture of Bages and discover the legacy, flavour and quality that this land has to offer.


Food and wine

Nous sommes fiers de proposer une sélection d'expériences œnogstronomique qui mettent en avant les saveurs de la région. En collaboration avec les caves locales, nos hôtes peuvent profiter de visites des vignes, de dégustations de vins ainsi que d'ateliers d'assemblage, tout en explorant la riche culture viticole du Bages.


Le domaine Abadal, qui ont plus de huit siècles d'histoire liée au monde du vin, représente l'essence de la tradition viticole familiale avec un profond respect du paysage qui l'entoure. Sa fonction repose sur la vocation à élaborer des vins reflétant la singularité et l'essence de son environnement naturel unique.


Can Serra dels Exibis, un domaine au riche patrimoine millénaire, offre une immersion dans la tradition vitivinicole avec ses barriques en pierre sèche et une cuve creusée dans la roche, témoignage de l'histoire de la vinification.

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